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COVID Test in Edinburgh

After planning this for three years, we are flying home on Sunday May 15 from aa ten day golf trip and need a negative COVID test result from not more than one day before our flight. We arrive in Edinburgh midday on Saturday and I tried to call our hotel on my cell for information about this, but for some reason could not get the call to go through. Have any of you experienced this in Edinburgh and can recommend a test site on Saturday. Thank you


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I'll be in the same boat next month, and my info says that Lloyds, Boots and many other pharmacies have a choice of tests (in-store, proctored by phone, etc.) that meet the 1 day US requirement in the £30 range, and offer testing on Saturday. Probably one within walking distance if you're in town. I'm hoping it gets dropped by when we return in late June.

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I am voting for it gets dropped before mid-June. But, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride...... We are tentatively planning to use the Randox site at Edinburgh airport.

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We used Randox just 2 weeks ago. Very easy to do, just set up an appointment online. They were very fast and efficient. We had lunch and were notified by email of the results and went back by the office to pick up a printed result.

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I leave June 15, return 7/1. How much did the Randox test cost? And how do I make an appointment online - Edinburgh airport or is it

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@Beverly- You make the appointment through There is a link in the first post. Just be aware that you will be charged at the time you make the appointment. If you think your plans may change, you may want to wait until closer to the date to make the appointment.

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I agree with those who support the use of the Randox site. My husband and I made an appointment one day before we needed to test, arrived a bit early, got in, were tested, and were notified of our results very quickly by email. The email included a pdf of the test results that I was able to upload into our airline’s system for verification.
The test we chose cost £80 each—a bit pricy.

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If you have a couple BinaxNOW AG tests, take them and do it over a video link. You’ll need an eMed account, but it worked for me today in Spain. Otherwise the Randox center will work just fine. If you’ll have a rental car, there’s an ExpressTest drive up site at the airport.

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As of midnight tonight (Sunday), no Covid test is required to return to the U.S. from Scotland. (Thank you, President Biden!)

Anyone who has made a reservation for a test should cancel it.

This ruling will be in effect for at least the next 90 days, after which it will be re-evaluated.

I am looking forward to saving 90 pounds and saving two hours in central Glasgow! (Although I have to admit I was looking forward to shopping at the HMV store while awaiting results!)

Best wishes to all.

Mike (Auchterless)