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Celtic Legend Car Rental in Scotland - Has anyone used?

Hello! I've rented cars numerous times in Scotland but stumbled across this company. Their rates are significantly less than everyone elses. Has anyone had experience with them? They appear to be linked to Arnold Clark so I am assuming they are legit. When I see such a price difference, it simply makes me wonder so I thought I would reach out to all of you before renting from them. Thanks!

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I think they are just a 3rd party site offering deals with other companies,never seen Celtic Legend before.
I use Arnold Clark a lot at least 4 times a year and they are a great company , they often do deals such as 4 days for the price of 2 or a week for the price of 4 days.
I would book direct with Arnold Clark, with companies offering prices to good to be true then I would have my suspicions.
Arnold Clark have a 5 days for the price of 3 on at the moment till the end of April.

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I'm using Celtic Legend right now to set up my rental for August. Willie Wallace has been great to work with via email - quick responses to my questions and has provided wonderful detail on where to find the rental agency once I'm at the airport and where to drop it off when I return. I found other reviews and generally they have been pretty good. I checked the price against Enterprise and didn't think it was a huge difference, but was definitely better than Enterprise - especially the GPS rental cost. I'm feeling pretty good about choosing Celtic Legend - didn't have to pay any money up front and was given a confirmation number. I'll double check with Arnold Clark when my rental time gets closer but so far my experience has been a good one.

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I love this from the Celtic Legend website!!

We do not have a cancellation policy. You pay for your vehicle when
you arrive to pick it up and can cancel at any time before that, at no

We feel that it is punishment enough if you have to cancel your
vacation to our beautiful country, without being charged for a vehicle
you do not use or need

We would appreciate it however if you can give us as much warning as

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We used Celtic Legend Car Rental (Willie Wallace) last April. Brilliant service - prompt, efficient reply to emails etc. Same great service flowed over to car rental company, Arnold Clark. Highly recommend.

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Thank you for your responses.

So, what I found out is that they won't allow you to decline their CDW and they don't offer PIA (the insurance you need to cover your own medical expenses in the event you get into an accident). I ended up going through AutoEurope after spending a few weeks researching. My credit card (United) offers primary insurance and includes things like tyres and windshield which are often extra with CDW. And AutoEurope offers the PIA as well which you get and pay for when picking up the car (approx $10 a day).

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I have used Celtic Legends ( 5 trips to Scotland and UK so far. Just reserved a car for my 6th trip in Sept. Service is very good. Yes, their offices are not in the airport terminals, but they are prompt with their pickup shuttles and it takes but a few minutes of your time. (have stood in lines at other company's airport desks longer). The cars they supply are nearly new. Last Mazda6 i hired had less than 2,000 mi and none of the others have had more that 10,000. Highly recommend that you get a quote.