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Castles stays in Oban or Inverness area

We'll be in the Oban and then Inverness areas from September 3-8. We would really like to experience staying in a castle. Any suggestions?

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Visit Scotland web site has castle accommodations listed.

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Do you have specific accommodations in mind? As you're probably aware, but if not, check the tariff as there will likely be a premium for such. Also, are you traveling by car or will you take a taxi to/from the castle, or does it provide a shuttle? I'm a frugal traveler, so I'm not prepared for the higher cost of a castle-stay, and I'm totally ignorant of what staying in a castle would be like. I'm guessing that once your in the room, it's similar to a mid 19th century mansion-turned-B+B. If you're visiting in September 2018, you should probably make a decision soon as I would suspect such accommodations are limited, even in September, but then again, I'm not well-informed on the topic.

By the way, if you're in Oban and have a car and like castles, you might want to visit Inveraray Castle. It was the site of "Shrimpy's" humble abode on Downton Abbey. My wife's a big fan of the series, and when we were in Oban, it was must see. She was not disappointed, even though heavy rain didn't permit a walk through the gardens.

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Hi, s-mahoney,

Check out Barcaldine Castle, just outside Oban. We stayed there in the 1980s, before it became luxury lodging. If memory serves correctly, it was a grand old place, with hidden passages and a grand kitchen.

Mike (Auchterless)

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My friend and I are visiting next June. We are staying in Airth Castle. Seems like it is very nice.

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About castle hotels in general, I'll advise you to look at the photos and other indications. There's a very wide variation in what qualifies as a castle and how luxurious (or not) the accommodations are.

The Stonefield Castle Hotel in Tarbert (Argyll / Kintyre), for example, was never really a castle but rather an aristocrat's country house ca. 1830, and it was modernized ca. 1960s. The plumbing in our room was leaky.

Don't get me wrong, it was a beautiful place and not too expensive for what you get. Just saying that the label "castle" doesn't automatically mean you will be in the lap of luxury.