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Castles on trainline from Edinburgh

Looks like I'll have to scratch a visit to Dunnottar on this visit due to time/logistics. I have looked at the visitscotland website and see many castles in the general Edinburgh area. We won't have a car and would love to find another castle on the coast that is doable by train. My current plan for Scotland portion is: arrive by train Wed.afternoon - visit friend/castle in North Berwick
Thursday- Royal Mile and Edinburgh Castle
Friday - train to Stirling Castle and ??(would love to see Highland Cows/Lochs)
Saturday - morning available - train to Leuchars, spend night in St. Andrews
Sunday - St. Andrews - late day train to York

Any suggestions of other coastal castles within easy striking distance of Edinburgh?

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Hmm, a coastal castle. I would have said Scone Palace in between Stirlng and Leuchars, but it's not on the coast.

Earlshall Castle is right by Leuchars -- have you thought of doing that? If you Google "castles near Dundee" you may get more ideas.

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While in Stirling, be sure to visit the William Wallace Monument as well. It's a short bus or taxi ride from the castle.

As for other castles in the area, have you considered taking an escorted day tour? It appears there is a pretty good selection of small-group tours available from Edinburgh - whatever your interests are.

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Take a bus to Craigmiller castle just outside Edinburgh if you want a castle. Roslyn chapel was nice to see and is also a bus ride from Edinburgh.

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Since you mentioned Hairy Coos, let me suggest the tour. It's FREE! We just did it and not only will you see hairy coos, you'll visit Duone Castle (of Monty Python and Outlander fame). It's not been refurbished, it's authentic and just as it was centuries ago.

The tour was very informational, had plenty of time at each stop, lots of options for snacks, drinks, etc. without any pressure to buy anything - in fact he avoided places that give kickbacks to tour companies.

At the end, you pay what you can and what you think the trip was worth. Again, no pressure. The point of the tours is to show people parts of Scotland, especially the Highlands, that many don't see.

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Any suggestions of other coastal castles within easy striking distance of Edinburgh?

The best castles in Scotland are in England.

Alnwick; Bamburgh; Warkworth; Lindisfarne; Durham...