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Castle of Mey Granary Lodge

I've looked longingly at The Granary Lodge B&B at the Castle of Mey. In order to find out prices, you apparently have to book -- or at least go as far as selecting a room and desired dates. I actually tried this the other day, but even though it supposedly showed rooms available on certain dates, all I got was a pop-up saying no rooms were available. I tried a variety of dates with the same result. I could see that some rooms have a 3-day minimum, some longer than that, but I wasn't able to navigate past that.

Do any of you have a ballpark idea what their prices are?

I'd like to know if a stay there is even halfway realistic in our budget, when the day comes that travel is possible again. I realize I could call on the phone and ask them, but would rather ask here first.

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Thank you -- I do remember seeing that article when it came out. I'd hope the prices are still in that range, as it seems pretty reasonable for what you get.

It would be nice to find out any more current pricing information if available. The entire hospitality industry is so much in flux, who knows, right?