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Car Rentals: Scotland And Ireland

Doing a 5 week road trip in Scotland and Ireland. Flying to Edinburgh, renting a car, touring Scotland and returning to Edinburgh. Flying to Dublin and doing the same thing in Ireland. I have looked at Eurocar and Wisecars. Would love some suggestions from others who have had good experiences renting a car in those countries.


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Your question is vague. I have rented cars in both countries with no problems. I do suggest getting insurance and GPS.

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Hi, Don,

I've rented with Avis in Scotland the last five or six times over. Never had a problem. I use my Visa card to cover the insurance in Scotland. They paid for a scratched alloy (wheel cover) on my last trip.

Ireland is a whole other situation. Visa/MasterCard will not cover you in the Republic. You have to purchase your own. And it is expensive. It will most likely double the cost of your rental. For a two week period, you should probably pay about $260.00 plus tax for a four door compact with manual transmission, but they also tax the insurance.

See if you can find an AWD so you can get a discount on your rental, like AAA, Entertainment, AARP, etc.

You'll enjoy driving in both countries!

Best wishes,

Mike (Auchterless)

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In Scotland last September, we rented from Eurocar. It was convenient for picking up as well as dropping off. Did not experience any problems.

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Car rental office at Dublin airport was a chaotic mess. Everyone is picking up a car there and the line was horrendous ! Didn't't matter what agency you used. Same horrible line! Plan on spending a good part of your day there! It was frustrating for everyone. Driving in Ireland was not as bad as I heard or imagined. We drove for 3 weeks from top to bottom and had no issues! We did purchase the Super CDW for peace of mind as well as the toll road device form Hertz.

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I rented from Avis in both countries and had no issues. I did feel that the roads in Ireland were not all that well marked, especially the rural roads.

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We rented from Enterprise in Edinburgh (their Leith location) when we were in Scotland in Dec - Jan. Went off without a hitch!

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Thanks to all of you very helpful. I will look directly at Rental Car Companies rather than a broker to see the difference.


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We rented from Enterprise in Falkirk in 2015 and they were really terrific. I'd recommend spending a few days in Edinburgh without the car, then picking it up when you're ready to head off. There's plenty of public transportation and taxis, and you'll avoid the hassle of finding a place to park and traversing the narrow Old Town streets. In our case we spent a few days in Edinburgh, then rented a canal boat for a week, starting and ending in Falkirk, and then took off in the car for the Highlands. The local Enterprise agency staff bent over backwards for us, even taking us to the train station when we turned the car in. If you're from the US, you'll need to get used to driving on the other side of the road. Nice to do that outside of Edinburgh. We're headed back to Scotland in July, and this time we'll take trains, buses and ferries until we reach Orkney and Shetland (our main destinations this time). There, we'll rent cars to explore the islands.