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Car Rental

We will be going on our first trip overseas to Scotland in October from the US. I was thinking we will rent a car and do a lot of sight seeing. I see many people take the Bus or Taxi or even Subway. If we rent a car is there plenty of places to park? Do they charge to park? Would I want to park then take a bus? I am a novice if it is not obvious. Thank you!

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You don't need want or need a car in the big cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, with parking issues, traffic, etc. If you want to drive into the highlands, then pick up the car when you're ready to leave the city.

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Yes, what you want to do is put Edinburgh or Glasgow at the beginning or end of your trip. That way you can either wait to pick up the car, or drop it off as you head into the city. I never had trouble finding parking when driving outside of Glasgow and Edinburgh. I even found easy parking in Inverness and Stirling. There are big parking garages in Inverness and in Stirling there is a great lot at the Castle.

Sometimes they charge to park, sometimes they don't. It's just like the US. You may want to park and then walk.