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Can foreigners wear kilts or any tartan?

Can foreigners wear kilts or any tartan?

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Yes, foreigners can wear kilts or any tartan as there are no restrictions on wearing traditional Scottish attire based on nationality.

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If you have Scottish ancestry it would be good to research which tartans you are entitled to wear- most clans have several. You'd be surprised how often it is a conversation point when i wear one of my half a dozen or so clan tartans- especially the dress [formal event] tartans.
But no-one will mind if you are wearing any old tartan- in fact most people will see it as a compliment that you are making the effort.

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Hi, muheebbsource,

There are several generic tartans (Runrig or Caledonia, for example) which anyone can wear if you don't have Scottish ancestry; however, this article may be of help:

If you decide to purchase a kilt, you'll need to purchase a sporran as well, otherwise you'll have nowhere to put anything. Proper hosiery is de rigeur, but not absolutely necessary, and if you decide to go whole hog and purchase a sgian-dubh, remember not to wear it prior to going through security at the airport!

Whichever tartan you choose for your kilt, wear it with pride!

Best wishes,

Mike (Auchterless)

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Basically the choice is yours, and what is available. There are 'national tartans' for the national teams in rugby, football, and others, there are tartans like the Flower of Scotland tartan.

The ultimate choice is down to £££. 'What right do you have to wear my tartan?' 'By right of purchase, my lord' is an old joke. The Scottish Tartan Register, backed by government says

There are no laws about which tartan you may wear, just traditions, so choose a design that you like and wear it with pride!