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Camping on Skye & Glencoe

We plan to camp on Isle of Skye in August. Does anyone have campground advice? Specifically, have you used the first come first served sites and been successful at getting in? We will have a small tent, so no need for electric hookups. Though showers would be nice :)

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There appear to be several camping sites available on-line for Skye. There seem to be no trees. There are National Parks with forests in Scotland with camping and boating etc. Don't know if I would want to camp at Glencoe... too many ghosts!

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I'm planning a trip and have done some research. There are some really good reviews of the Glenbrittle campsite, not far from the Fairy Pools. The reviews say it is the most beautiful camp site on the whole island. It is just east of where the River Brittle empties into the sea. Google Maps doesn't list a name of the road but it is the only road leading south from the Fairy Pools, about 10 minute's drive.

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you guys should be sure and purchase a couple of the OS explorer (1:2500 or something like this) maps for the Isle of Skye if headed out there. There are three or four that cover the whole island and are greatly needed for the small roads and the hiking sites. #411, 408, 407, 410 are all helpful..if you look at the OS Maps website it will show you wht maps you might need. you probably already know to do a bit of midge research!

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RE: OS Maps.

There were a number of times in the UK that we weren't where we were suppose to be, but were never lost because our Ordinance Survey maps (with GPS metric grid coordinates) showed us where we were. Lost is only when you don't have a clue as to where you are.

The Ordinance Survey Explorer series are available in both standard paper and in a weatherproof material. Pay the extra and get the OS maps on weatherproof (meaning rainproof) material. Waterproof map cases are a good idea, but being able to take a weatherproof map out of the case in a downpour is useful.

Make sure you set your GPS to the datum matching the map datum.