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Camping in Scotland

We'd love to camp in Sctoland but don't want to try to carry equipment over from the U.S. Is there a place in Scotland where we could rent a tent, sleeping bags, etc.? Thanks.

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MC may have some suggestions, but a quick google found Snow Goose Mountain Centre near Fort William that rents equipment. You could see if there are any reviews. And this one does mountain climbing equipment rental also in the Fort William area. It looks like most of the other places just sell. You could email tourist information at Fort William, Inverness, or Aviemore. I think that those are the places most likely to have equipment rentals. But you could also ask the Glasgow and Edinburgh TI's as well.


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Pam's suggestions of contacting the Tourist Information Centres and google are probably your first choice. Most of the people I know who go camping will own their own equipment, or borrow from friends. This is not an industry, equipment rental, that I have heard of before, though google provides a few names, and Tiso's does appear to hire out some equipment. You might be best buying and then selling when you leave.