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Hahaha!! I had heard of Irn-Bru by reading the wonderful Alexander McCall Smith's 44 Scotland Street series. I had to try it when I visited Scotland in June and was an experience. Probably would have been better if I was 14 years old instead of late 60's!

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Irn Bru is fantastic, and still holds its own against the Coca Cola Empire!

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I love Irn-Bru! It tastes a bit like a cream soda. It's hard to find here, though, but when I do come across it I always buy some.

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It's definitely an acquired taste; unfortunately, I haven't acquired it yet! :) However, the fish and chips or pie and chips on the beach at Stonehaven is a real treat. The beach is very pebbly, so you're better off sitting on the seawall. The south end of the beach, towards Dunnottar, is a bit better, but you have to watch out for marauding seagulls.

Mike (Auchterless)

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but now they have been mucking around with the recipe