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Bus or train

My girlfriend friend and her parents and I are traveling from Glasgow to Fort William in September. We are almost 90 days away to where we can buy tickets for transportation and I’m wondering what mode is recommended more. I know that the train would be more comfortable with food for sale, larger bathrooms and more room but the bus looks like its $80-95 cheaper and from what I have read on some blogs, the bus is sometimes faster. Has anyone done this trip by both train and the bus or have any input on what mode of transportation is better?

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The train and the bus take totally different routes.

The train goes over Rannoch Moor where no road could ever be built, due to the peat. It costs £37.40 (or £28.90 if you book a train specific Advance Fare a reasonable time ahead) and takes 3hrs 45 minutes

The bus goes through Glencoe, takes 3 hrs 15 minutes costs £31.70 (or £23.80 booked at least 3 days ahead).

So less than £6 ($US 7.5) difference in price, and 30 minutes difference in time taken.

No idea where $80 to $95 difference comes from.

Very different routes. Equally great scenery.

Ultimately it is a matter of personal choice. If you can do one mode in one direction, and the other on the return that is the ideal combination.

I really don't think there is a "better".

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I appreciate the response. Maybe it’s the website I’m looking at for tickets for the price difference. I’m using the ScotRail website and I’m looking at the Citylink website. Once we leave the Fort William area, we will be going by train to Edinburgh. I’m glad that that there is not a “better” route. That will help me figure out what mode of transportation which will probably be the train for a more roomy ride. Thanks a gain for your input! If you feel the websites I’m using are not the ones you would use please let me know.

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Scotrail is the right website, but those fares don't exist.

I have a theory that you have entered the wrong number of travellers on one of the websites, so have accidentally compared apples with pears so to speak.

As I read it this is a group of 5, so the train would be best as you can get a table for 4, with the 5th sitting behind or at the opposite table.