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Brrrr! It's cold.

Hi all,

We're having a great time in Edinburgh. Our month-long trip started here 2 days ago. Thanks to everyone who made suggestions for our wandering trip around the country. One warning to anyone heading this way soon. It is very chilly. Locals tells us this is unseasonably cold, more like winter. So pack hats, gloves, sweaters and jackets. Very glad we have all these layers to put on. We brought them for our travels farther north, but put them on immediately.

We're in a great AirBnB in the Grassmarket area and very pleased with our choice. We'll head out looking for a pub experience and some local music later this evening.


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Hi Courtenay!

So glad you are having a nice time in Edinburgh. I wish you were having nicer weather but did have to chuckle a bit about your comment. My husband and I spent two weeks in Scotland during August 2011 and they were also having "unseasonably cold" weather at that time! Apparently they had been experiencing a record-breaking dry season until the day we arrived. Within two weeks, it was a "record breaking" rainy season! We will be headed to Scotland on 2 July so your post is very timely- Thank you!

Happy Travels!

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yes unseasonably cold, just had to switch the heating on yet again, but at least it's dry

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Northern Europe is really north compared to the idea most Americans south of the border (the Canadian border) have of what is "north and cold." Any time of the year, potentially.
Yep, it's different from here.

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But it can be warm there. We were in Scotland for a week late last May and it was warm (20's) and sunny every day but one. So I would say this is indeed unseasonably cold if you need hats and gloves.

And they are having a heat wave in Alaska now---80's in Anchorage, which is even farther north than Edinburgh. Go figure.

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Yep, it's different there from over here. In ways that can blindside you.

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What a great reason to buy a lovely Scottish sweater! If you are going to Inverness go to Beauly and go to Campbell and Company!