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Best place to sit at Mackintosh at the Willow?

My mom and I have 1 p.m. reservations on Saturday, July 3rd. When making the reservation, there were three choices of where to sit:

1) The Main Tearooms- "This space consists of three areas that flow seamlessly together to make one space. These three areas are: the Front Saloon ( a light and airy space inspired by meadows), the Back Saloon (cosy, forest floor inspired interior) and the Gallery Mezzanine (represents a treetop canopy.) The Mezzanine is not suitable for children under 12. It is usually open at the weekends, however during the week we cannot always guarantee this space will be open)."

2) "The Salon de Luxe is on the 1st floor above the main tearooms. We regret that it is not suitable for anyone under the age of 12 so please bear this in mind when booking."

3) "The Billiard Room can be accessed through our daily tours or hired privately for functions."

Their afternoon tea theme while were there will be "Proper British Summer". I can't wait!

Have you been to afternoon tea at Mackintosh at the Willow? Where did you sit and which of the three options do you recommend? My mom was last in Glasgow 35 years ago and she remembers it so fondly. I want to make this trip perfect for my mama <3.

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I have fond memories of having a number of teas with my Grannie many years ago at the Willow. We always went to the main tearoom at the front. It was a very special place for sure.

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Thank you for sharing that, Ian. This will be one of the highlights of our trip for sure.

I'm curious, when you were there, were any ladies wearing hats? My mom and I would like to for he occasion, but we won't it won't if it wouldn't be appropriate.

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I see no one has answered your question about hats. I can’t speak for the Willow Tearoom but I had a posh afternoon tea at the Ritz in London and didn’t see a single hat. The only place generally you see fancy hats worn by ladies would be a wedding. Or at an outdoor tea party like at Buckingham Palace.

Not to discourage you if you want to dress up, but it might look a bit like you’re wearing a costume.

I’m not sure there even is a tradition in the UK of wearing hats for indoor teas.