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best options to get to hotel from airport

We are staying at the Travelodge Edinburgh Central hotel on St. Mary's Street. What kind of options do we have to get to the hotel from the airport? Any ideas on the cost?

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Tram maybe.
35min journey, depatures approx every 10mins.
£5 fare.
0.4 mile walk from tram stop by Edin.rail station to hotel

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Just got back from our trip, and we had an apartment near the south end of the Royal Mile, but rather than using the airport bus, we took the local #35 bus (one and a half pounds -- much cheaper, although a bit slower, but then you don't have a 10 minute hike with luggage) directly from the airport to a stop 2 doors away from our apartment. Going back to the airport, a few days later, I noticed the bus went right past the Travelodge, but I wasn't looking for that on the way into town, so not sure its route retraces every street exactly, but I bet the #35 would work for you -- e-mail the Travelodge and ask them.

BTW, I stopped into that Travelodge once and they were really helpful getting me directions to a merchant on Morrison St, so it appears to be a great place for visitors. They're also very close (maybe a 4 minute walk, but the last 2 minutes is a steep uphill climb) to the Royal Oak pub, a great place Rick Steves lists for music, both upstairs and downstairs. There's also a fabulous Indian restaurant next door to the Royal Oak!