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Best Flights from Washington Dulles to Edinburgh


We’re planning our first visit to Scotland including the “Best of Scotland” tour and additional days exploring on our own. Does anyone have recommendations on the best (and most economical) flights from Washington Dulles to Edinburgh?

Thank you for your help.

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Look at Google Flights and Kayak to see the answers to your questions. Book directly with the airline.

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I'd check something like Google flights for your specific travel dates. I'm sure if someone knows of a workable itinerary involving a budget transatlantic carrier, they will speak up.

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Hi, Dunlora,

Aer Lingus flies to Edinburgh via Dublin (one stop). United is starting non-stop direct flights from Dulles in May. Other carriers fly that route, but their layovers are less convenient than through Dublin.

You are going to absolutely love exploring on your own!

Have a wonderful holiday!

Mike (Auchterless)

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Thanks for your quick replies. Looks like I have more research in my future.

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You may want to check out leaving from Richmond too, since it’s about as far away as Dulles. Still no direct flights, but connections may be better.

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My husband and I have flown United from Dulles to Edinburgh many times over the years. They now offer non-stop flights during the summer months, but that’s not usually when we go. We take a one-stop flight that goes through Liberty Airport in Newark, so that we only have to deal with immigration/border control upon landing at Edinburgh’s airport (which usually takes less than 15 minutes).

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consider connecting through Amsterdam .I have a friend that visits from Kansas city and he usually goes through amesterdam, several connecting flight from there to Edinburgh every day.

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My wife and I booked a flight on Air Canada Rouge. We did it at the end of the year last year but found it to be the best price. I don't know what you're looking at date wise and cost wise from Dulles but I know from Pittsburgh to Edinburgh two people in a seat with more leg room we paid like 2800 ish total but it really just depends on what fly's in and out of your airport. I find that the darn flight is the hardest thing to book because of so many different factors goes into pricing. I did use google flights when I found air Canada Rouge and I feel I just got a bit lucky.. Most flights were running around the 3600-4000 range and that was just your normal economy seat.

I know that Air Canada Rouge is Air Canada budget airline and that you don't have the amenities that would have flying most other airlines but I have no problem with it as long as I know in advance what I'm getting into.

Good Luck

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Years ago, the software travel agents used for checking flights was made public, and I use that to check flights. It doesn't sell flights, so it is non-partial. It also covers some airlines 3rd party booking sites don't cover.
As you have a little flex time, you can set it to look a day or two before and after your travel dates of consideration.....and to look at airlines within a distance of Dulles.
It can be googled by Matrix Air, but it has also been replaced by Google Flights as mentioned above. I just like the old version, myself.
If you have a little time before booking, consider looking for a flight of interest. There are other websites where you can set notifications for price drops....or sign up for that airline's emails for sales.
A caveat is that there is no such thing as a 'best' for everyone and everything. Each needs to make a decision of what is their priority. Some will fly all over God's green earth to save $100, others pay for the convenience of a direct flight.

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Hello Everyone,

As suggested, I checked thoroughly on Kayak and Google Flights and explored a lot of possibilities. In the end, I opted for direct instead of cheap and booked a United flight.

Thanks to everyone who made suggestions. I learned a lot and it was a great first experience with the forum.

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My friend and I were looking to book flights to Scotland. I found a site called ASAPtickets. Loved it!! Saved us @$300.00 dollars per ticket and it came with FREE hotel stay. You can customize where you want to leave from and return to.