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Battle of Jutland 100 year commemoration

My sister is hoping to attend the 100 year commemoration in the Orkney Islands this spring. Our grandfather served in the Royal Navy during this battle and she has applied to attend as a descendent of a service member that participated in the battle.

She has done some research and has lodging reservations. What are some of the key items of information that you think would be important for her to know either about the events at the commemoration or about the Orkney Islands in general?

Thanks for your input!

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I'm lousy at naval war history but one term one needs to know is the objective of a naval battle...."crossing the T" I would suggest reading the pertinent chapter in "The Swordbearers" to bone up on the history of Jutland. Also, "The Evolution of Naval Warfare" But you've probably looked up these two books already in your research.