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Barbour Jacket

We are headed to Edinburgh in May. I'm thinking of purchasing a Barbour jacket in Edinburgh both to use on our trip and for a lasting souvenir. Does anyone have a good location to shop for one? And the typical cost?

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You will find them everywhere! While I can't remember the names of the shops, on the Royal Mile, I saw at least 3 shops carrying them. I also see them in many of the smaller communities, often at shops carrying equestrian apparel. Have a wonderful time!

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You can buy them everywhere, in pretty much every department store up and down the UK as well as online.

You'll find the highest prices at the locations closest to the tourist hordes.

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Look in second hand shops and buy. Then get a can of the sealant and re-waterproof it.

Be advised that the waterproofing (oil/wax) can and will stain cloth furniture to include car seats.

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Hi Faye:

In 2016 I visited London and came back with a brand new Barbour Border coat. In 2018, just a month ago, I visited London and came back with a brand new Barbour Leeward jacket. Here is what I learned (which might not apply in Scotland).

There are lot more models of coats and jackets available in the UK than are sold by official US representatives (ie Orvis). For example, I like the styling and color of the men's Sapper jacket but I don't see this sold in the USA. As far as I can tell the Leeward jacket which I purchased at the Barbour store in Covent Garden is not available in the USA.

The prices seem to about half the prices shown in the Orvis catalog. For example, the Border coat at Orvis costs nearly $450 plus $45 in sales tax making the total nearly $500. I think you can buy the coat in London for under $300 including VAT rebate. Another example; my Leeward jacket is approximately along the lines of the Bedale jacket which costs $400 plus sales tax at Orvis and $380 plus sales tax at Macy's. I paid $240 at the Barbour store and got a $20 VAT rebate at the airport.

This might be important: in order to claim a VAT rebate in the UK the item(s) are supposed to be new and unused when they leave the UK. If you buy a Barbour jacket you should not be wearing it all the time before you leave so that its condition will called into question by the folks who process your VAT claim. At Heathrow this process was handle by Travelex whose employees might pay lip service to the new condition requirement. At least bring the packaging (eg Barbour shopping bag or garment bag) to the airport and carry the jacket (neatly folded) in it to present to the VAT processor.

Regarding the comment about buying a Barbour jacket second hand in the States. I did this a decade ago. I purchased a green Border coat off of ebay for about $100. There were no rips....., but the color was a bit faded. I shipped this off to Barbour USA for a rewaxing job. I think it cost me something like $35 plus $15 for shipping. What I got back was a beautiful garment - the green coloration was restored. It did look somewhat beat up but isn't that what all Barbour coats and jackets are supposed to look like? I also received a simple Barbour branded garment bag in which it was shipped.

Have a good trip.

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I wonder where members of the Royal Family buy their Barbour jackets. They all seem to be decked out in them when in Scotland or at some casual event. Maybe they just inherit them?

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I doubt very much that the royals rock up to a shop in Edinburgh! They probably get their Barbours from Harrords or similar in London.

However, that reminds me that there is a shop known as 'The Harrods of the North' called The House of Bruar. It's on the A9 just north of Pitlochry (so well out of Edinburgh I'm afraid but of possible interest to others). It's become a shopping destination and is worth a stop if you are in the area.

It has separate departments selling ladies' and gentlemens' attire (lots of cashmere, tartan and designer labels), hunting/shooting/fishing equipment and clothing, fine art, home wares, it has a food hall (think upmarket foodie supplies, fresh pies, chocolates, wines/spirits etc) and it also has a reasonable café. They also a sale barn, with some bargains to be had. They certainly sell Barbour Jackets and all manner of other such clothing, and you never know, you might spot a royal!

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I just spent last week in Edinburgh and they are for sale everywhere! Pricey but worth every penny...I bought mine back in 1992 and it's still like new. Just re-wax it every so often and it will shed water like a duck!

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Anita - I'm interested in discussing these jackets when we meet at Eatily.

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My husband has a waxed Barbour and the sleeves have started fraying after a year - very disappointing bearing in mind the cost and he said he wouldn’t buy another. He has a very similar jacket from Marks & Spencer and this has lasted much longer and was significantly cheaper.

I have a quilted Barbour which is ok for warmer spring and autumn days, but it’s no use for cold winter days as it’s not thick enough.

Dubarry jackets have more cachet than Barbours these days as they are less widely available.

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Thank you all for your responses, especially Geor and the VAT advise. Looking forward to my Barbour jacket!

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To reinforce what I wrote about the condition of the item(s) for which a VAT refund will be claimed here is what Rick Steves himself wrote in the travel tips section of this site:

"Though you aren't entitled to refunds on the tax you spend on hotels and meals, you can get back most of the tax you paid on merchandise such as clothes, cuckoos, and crystal. You're not supposed to use your purchased goods before you leave Europe — if you show up at customs wearing your new Dutch clogs, officials might look the other way, or they might deny you a refund."