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B&B in Glasgow on 3, 4, & 5th of September, 2017

I will join a travel group in Glasgow on September the 6th, and we have a full Itinerary until departure from Edinburgh on 20 Sept. I would like to arrive in advance of joining the group, however, and ask for recommendations for a B&B in Glasgow. Single lady, retired educator, and would like to do at least cursory exploration of where G-G-Grandparents lived and worked (coal mining engineer). I found the Glasgow Guest House to be highly rated vacancies for my time in the city. Could anyone recommend a B&B in either the Centre or perhaps...the West End...? Would like to talk with other guests at breakfast and at end of day, so as not to feel quite as solitary, and would value greatly B&B hosts who can give tips or make suggestions. First time in Scotland, so am very excited to be where my ancestors lived and worked, but need to do more groundwork on 'where' they lived, ever so long ago. Prefer quiet but well-located, and helpful hosts. Thank you very much for any and all recommendations....

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