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Ayr to Dublin

I want to get from Ayr to Dublin on April 2. I'm looking at the Citylink website that provides a nice timetable for the journey and am wondering whether I can buy my ticket all the way to Dublin at the bus station in Ayr the morning of our departure and have the transfers all taken care of? Or do I have to buy separate tickets for each leg of the journey and get myself to the right station in Belfast for the final leg to Dublin? Thanks so much.

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It certainly looks like you can buy them from the bus driver, but buying in advance can save you a few pounds and make sure there is a seat available. They advertise a price from Ayr to Dublin and I think you have to take them at their word.

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Thank you very much--I now see that I can buy tickets online and plan on doing just that. Has anyone else done this? My husband and I are very excited about the trip.