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Attending a lecture at the University of Edinburgh

As a result of reading A Sence of the World by Jason Roberts, I am curious about the possibility of attending a lecture, perhaps in "letters" in one of the historic venerable halls of learning there.

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I found this in answer to my own inquiry:

The College organises a wide range of public lectures, including the Gifford, Fulbright, Northern Scholars, and Munro Lectures.

The Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH) also provides an online calendar of research seminars and events across the College.

All lectures and seminars are open to members of the public, staff and students.

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I actually work for Edinburgh University and there are often lectures open to the public and I have attended public lectures in several of the older places in the University ,often lectures by well know politicians ,scientists and public figures.
worth looking at the University website and see if anything is on when you are visiting.
You may have to book online,usually free but you do need to have an e ticket to be able to attend most of the lectures.
BTW you can do a Self tour of the university campuses you may not get into any of the buildings but you will get into the courtyards of many places and see some stunning buildings.
hope this helps.