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I do not have a debit card, only an atm card.I will be going to Scotland in a few weeks and I need to know if I use my atm card and it is only connected to a savings account (in the United States)will I be able to make a withdrawal, or does my atm card need to be connected to a checking account?

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I, too, use ATM only cards and use them exclusively for withdrawals. The ones I use are not debit branded nor debit capable. However they are associated with my checking accounts rather than savings.

Technically you should be able to freely use the type of card that you describe for withdrawals. However you make want to check with your bank to review the card’s network capabilities and also any parameters in place for the account for withdrawal amounts and frequencies. Some are established by default. Others may be dictated by the type of savings account.

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Personally haven't had that type of account/card set-up for an incredibly long time - they did work fine then but would have been much more prevalent. I am thinking of thirty ish years ago.

I think there is every chance that it will work but would advise against cash really. Although it is taken nearly everywhere it's just a pain . And you don't want to be left with Scottish notes really as they are much more of a pain to get rid of elsewhere.

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Hi, mad20dog,

I have to admit that I enjoy taking Scottish notes (and coins) back to the U.S., as it's an incentive to start planning for my next trip back. I almost got caught out last year, as the notes that I had taken back in 2018 were due to be deleted in 2022. Our trip in 2020 was scotched (!) by the pandemic, so we had to wait until 2022 to return.

Fortunately, I was able to exchange all of our notes at the RBS in Arbroath.

I'm a firm believer in carrying cash, although not too much. We do a lot of shopping at charity shops and small grocery shops, where cash always seems to be welcomed. Plus several of the B&Bs where we stayed were not set up for credit cards.

As suggested, check with your bank to find out if your savings linked ATM card can be used overseas. Also, find out how much your bank charges, if anything, to use your card in Scotland. The banks in Scotland will not charge you for an ATM withdrawal - only your home bank will charge you. If your bank fee is based on a percentage of the amount withdrawn, you may want to limit the amount of withdrawals. If it is a one time set fee per transaction, you may want to withdraw a larger amount to avoid multiple fees.

The most I've ever withdrawn from a bank in Scotland is 300 pounds.

Whatever you decide to do, you are going to love Scotland!

Best wishes, and safe travels.

Mike (Auchterless)