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Anyone use Verizon international plan in Scotland

Leave for tour September 29th, never traveled internationally with cellphone. I am curious as to whether I should just sign up for Verizon international plan, use a SIM card, I have seen various opinions. International plan seems easiest for this not so tech savvy woman, but don't want it if it doesn't work well in Scotland. I want data, and ability to text husband if separated at some point on trip. And of course, post photos to Facebook. Advice, experience with Verizon please.

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I pay and use Verizon in England. $10/day.

Use WhatsAp to communicate with US and UK family and friends. Also text.

Take pics and post to Instagram daily.

Budget for the cost.

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The Verizon international plan is $10/day per phone, and you get whatever your existing plan limits are. So if you have unlimited data at home, you get unlimited data there. You have to enable it on your phone in advance. My experience is that as soon as you arrive in another country and your phone tries to connect to data, that day’s 24 hour travel pass is activated. So if you don’t NEED it active and don’t want to start your 24 hour pass right away, make sure you turn off your data. You can always use WiFi at the hotel (and tons of other places).

If you want to use data mostly for internet browsing, you can use one phone as a hotspot, if your existing plan allows that. So if one of you has unlimited data, the other can use that phone as a hotspot and not have to get a separate daily pass.

The other option is a $100/month international plan. But there are limits to the data. It just depends on how much you plan to use.

Another option for “just in case” is to just pay for individual texts - like if you get separated from your husband. If your husband doesn’t use his phone much, this might work for him.

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I'm tech-savvy, so I use a SIM card to save money and don't mind a tiny bit of set-up hassle.

If you aren't tech-savvy, stick with the Verizon international roaming and just pay the extra for it. Verizon doesn't have service in Scotland - they have roaming partners, local UK mobile companies, so the coverage you get with your Verizon phone in Scotland depends on the coverage of their roaming partner(s).

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We used it on our own trip in June with no problems - pretty straightforward and intuitive.

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I have the Verizon, $10/day, though I rarely use it. They only charge you if you enable it by taking your phone off "airplane" and sending/receiving a text, or surfing the internet. When you do enable it, you have it for 24 hours. I've enabled it once, and twice I have accidentally enabled it when my phone somehow got off "airplane" and received a text. Typically I make use of hotel wifi for email, web, and messages, and Whatsapp for messages with people in Europe. Bear in mind that the cost is $10/day per phone.

You can sign up for the $10/day, but if you do not use it for a day or days, you do not pay. You only pay for the days you use.

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We were in Scotland for 6 weeks in May & June of this year. We flew into Glasgow. Spent the first 3 nights in Oban. Oban has a wonderful TESCO store. For £10 purchased a 10GB sim card (5,000 minutes & texts) good for 30 days. The best part.... the young lady at the TESCO cell phone desk install the sim card & verified that it worked. At the end of the 30 days we simply paid another £10 pounds for the balance of our trip. For calls back to the US we used Skype.

We're Verizon customers, but refuse to pay their fees while traveling. Once back in the US, I simply replaced my sim card and it was quickly back working just as it did before we departed.

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Hello hhess,
Because in USA our house is close enough to Canadian border that sometimes we get picked up by Canadian cell service, as well as our regular Canadian and Euro travel (Iceland, Scotland) we just keep our Verizon international account. Never had any problems except first time in Iceland.
That said, when I have had problems, there are plenty of Apple and Verizon stores in larger Scot cities. Edinburgh has plenty. I just visit the store for any needed assistance.
Hope that helps.