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Anyone in Scotland now?

Originally we were planning to fly to Germany on Friday/Saturday...however, plans have changed. We went to Scotland in the summer and since our flights are to London, we are considering going to Scotland. Our plan B would be to fly to Inverness, visit the Isle of Skye and then Edinburgh and the surrounding Northern England castles. That being said- I'm curious the situation there now. I see the UK numbers going up but Scotland staying pretty low. Is the panic level there okay? Are we going to travel to find any sites or restaurants closed?

I am not afraid of getting the virus, more afraid of getting there to find out we can't find food. Here in the States I can't find Lysol wipes to clean my house for the life of me...which I just need to clean the kitchen as usual. Agh.

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Definitely a bit of a concern about the quarantine. However, I live in Orlando. I feel my chances here are probably just as high in the long run- we have TONS of international travelers everyday....

Its definitely a tricky situation. I really feel completely stressed with the whole thing to be honest. I don't want to give up on my trip, but I also am just over the whole stupid virus.

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We are in Tampa and I feel we have the unknown cases just waiting to explode when they finally start testing. I work in healthcare and worry more about someone bringing it to me than giving it to them. I am extremely nervous to get the virus in transit and being told I cannot get back on a flight home. No way I could continue weeks of no paid leave. I expect the next weeks and months to get worse.

We shall see! Stay safe and keep us updated!

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Life is going on entirely as normal here on Skye. I see no evidence of panic buying in our local supermarket. Restaurants and cafes are all open as usual.

Jacqui (Skyegirl)

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Yes I am in Scotland now :-)

I live here in Aberdeenshire :-)

Coronavirus is hurting some friends who are in the hospitality business and for them bookings and enquiries are down. I am guessing from what I read that the possibility of quarantine and its knock-on effects is far more concerning to travellers than catching the virus itself.

I was in Aberdeen last week and noticed in the larger supermarkets that stocks of hand wash, wipes and so on were very low. There was no sign of panic buying apart from this and other shelves were still well stocked. I did not see anyone wearing a mask.

This is a quiet time of year for visitors in this area anyway, with major tourist attractions not re-opening until the beginning of April.

People are concerned but are going about their daily lives as usual. It is very much a case of waiting to see how this virus will develop and what effects it might bring in its wake.

For now it is Keep Calm and Carry On and Prevention is Better Than A Cure.

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pretty normal here in Edinburgh, I actually work for the medical School attached to the main hospital here in Edinburgh and no special measures at the moment though some seminars and talks have been cancelled due to visiting academics travel restrictions.
I was in a few shops at the weekend and toilet rolls were in shorter supply that normal and over the counter medicines like paracetamol, sinus relief and cold remedies were flying off the shelves. Things may change though and just keep eyes and ears on the news.