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Anyone for Pitlochry Theatre tickets

Earlier this week I purchased two Saver Pitlochry Theatre tickets. Then the next day, I received an email from the Ryder Cup stating that tickets were available for Match days. Of course we went for the Golf tickets! So the theatre tickets are non refundable but the dates/show can be changed and or/sold. We were only going to be stay in Pitlochery one night after the Ryder Cup, and we don't want to be on a schedule to leave Gleneagles in time to pick up the theatre tickets before the show.

Is anyone going to be in Pitlochry that was already thinking about going to the theatre this summer? Tickets were 15 pounds each, and the day of the show they assign the best available seats if better than the seats we have now. (first row, front and center).
Pitlochry Theatre

If interested PM me.