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Any bike riding routes recommended in Edinburgh?

either guided tours or self-rental routes :)


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I'm answering more to "up" your topic than to give you much useful info, but Edinburgh is a hilly city with old, narrow streets. I would say it's not ideal for bicycling. That said, I would guess there are probably some areas of the city, especially newer districts, where bicycling would be reasonably safe and enjoyable.

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Yes, the tourist parts of Edinburgh are not places to tour by bike unless you want to get that red polka-dot jersey :-)

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In the basement at Waterstones bookstore on Princes St I recall seeing a book about biking around Edinburgh. Perhaps you can find that book at their website?

The older parts, and some of New Town, can be quite hilly but out in the suburbs closer to water there are nice bike paths.

Given the number of folks we see on bikes there, Edinburgh isn’t any more challenging than any other busy city. A lot of bikers there just like most of Europe. But keep in mind, if you can do hills and some really scary traffic have at it. Otherwise, stick to the bike pathways.