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Day 2 Test in England & Scotland?

We, like many others, would like to begin international travel in 2022, and are considering London and Edinburgh in March due to some relatively inexpensive flight options. Before we make a decision, we want to understand the expense and process of the COVID tests. The websites are quite confusing, and I'm hoping someone can help.

If we depart on a Friday and arrive on a Saturday in London, we would need to take a Day 2 test on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. That can be delivered to our hotel, as I understand it. But then, if we travel via train to Edinburgh on Wednesday, it sounds like we need to take another day 2 test since we'd have been outside the UK (we live in the US) in the 10 days prior. Is that correct?

If so, we could take a Day 2 test in Edinburgh on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. If we time it right, can this same test be used to re-enter the United States, which is currently requiring negative tests within 3 days of the flight?

We are both fully vaccinated and will have our boosters as well before March. Thank you!

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Here is a link to the government site that states current requirements. It was last updated October 15th
It is 5 months before your proposed trip. To be honest, it is pretty hard to predict what the requirements will be at that time. You will want to check back at this site and make sure that you are prepared to follow whatever the current requirements are when you travel.

If the possible costs of testing due to traveling to both England and Scotland are an issue. You could always plan to spend the entire time in just one of them rather than trying to combine them. It would be a shame to let a good low airfare sneak away.

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Thank you, Carol. I agree that it is hard to know now what things will look like in 5 months. With limited travel time, we are hoping to travel open-jaw and see both, but that certainly is an option worth considering.

I think I've visited all the websites from England, Scotland, UK, and the US, but am mostly unclear about:

  • Does one still need a Day 2 test in Scotland if entering the UK via England on plane 5 days previously? The website reads as though one does because in the last 10 days, we would have been in the US rather than just the UK.
  • Can the Day 2 test in Scotland also work as a negative test to fly back to the US if it falls in the 3-day timeframe? The way the US site reads and the UK site reads, I cannot tell if they accept the same kind of test.

Thank you, again, for any insight!

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At the moment you need a test either on the Saturday you arrive, or Sunday, or Monday. You do not need a further Day 2 test in Scotland.

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Ramblin’ is correct, but of course, things may change before your trip!

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Great! Thank you so much! My husband is more in tune with the insurance/medical world and it seems that the US and Scotland would both accept the same type of test, if that is still a requirement come March. Probably isn't a bad idea to have a couple at-home ones with us just in case. I really appreciate the help navigating this!

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I just returned from Scotland and purchased both my Day 2 and Return test kit from Azova. The kits arrived in a couple days and I packed them with me. I liked this option vs having them mailed to the hotel. The Day 2 was very easy.. just swab yourself and drop in a Royal Mail box. Hopefully by next year one or both won't be required!