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We did, we did, we did! Thanks very much. That was a rip. The Islay Woolen Mill owner, Gordon Covell designed and wove the tartan for Braveheart. I won't make a political statement regarding the separist vote but I was disapointed.

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Thanks Steven, that was good for some belly laughs.

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That was most entertaining - thanks for posting! I'm going to forward that to a Scottish friend.

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What a hilarious post! Thanks for the link. It's a bit dated now, but still worth a watch.

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Monte , I think , as you , about the issue of Scottish independence . I am highly supportive of the Scots progressive and left leaning sentiments , being a socialist , as I am . While a week in London , on our Autumn trip ( we reached Scotland in late September ) I read this opinion piece in the NY Times by Paul Krugman , the liberal and left leaning economist , about potential pitfalls in the move toward independence . I must say , from a practical perspective , it gave me pause for thought . This , of course , was prior to the precipitous crash in oil prices which was still in the future . I wonder what impact this would have had on a newly independent Scotland . My sentiments about independence have not changed , but Dr. Krugman's point of view raises interesting questions . I post the link here , I hope it will give further consideration to the issue ---- Now . if we could only do something about Mel the Gibson ; -- )