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All around shoes for men

I would love to do some walking and hiking while in the Highlands, and elsewhere, but I always travel light on luggage and would prefer a simple one shoe solution. Something tough enough and water proof for crummy days on a highlands trail but capable and comfortable enough for everyday walking about a city like Edinburgh. We don't venture into restaurants with dress codes usually so I don't need a fancy look pair.

Any thoughts or suggestions out there?

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I'm a woman, but I have some Merrell Jungle Mocs that are the same style for men as they are for women.
They have great treads on them (I wear them in light snow); they seem to be water resistant, and they are virtually indestructible.
I've had mine for 15 years, wearing them all Fall and Winter, and they still look brand new.
They come in black, so you could wear them anywhere.
You don't need to dress up in Edinburgh in most every day restaurants.

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Keens. Low cut or high cut. Expensive but durable. Have 5 pairs including the sandals and slip ons. Always take 2 pairs when traveling!

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I wore Doc Martens "Keith" model for years with gratifying results. Good on every surface I encountered although they are not waterproof.. Now, I wear Keen Austin shoes. Waterproof, comfortable, sorta clog like, city and trail tested. They come in large sizes...I wear 17s. Mine have been to fourteen European countries -winter, spring, summer or fall (hi Carole).

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Mephisto shoes can be a bit spendy in the U.S. (they're much cheaper in France) but I have a few pairs that are very good, though a bit heavy. They protect my feet almost like a hiking boot, but don't look out of place ambling around town.

Check the Mephisto Isak, Barracuda, Break, Cruiser, Douk, or Batiste to see if any appeal to you.

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My husband wears the same shoes just about every day of the year. They're the same shoes that Rick wears. As Rick said they're good walking shoes, they're waterproof and they look nice enough with chinos if you want to get "dressed up". On one of our RS trips to Italy there were 3 other people on the tour that were wearing the same shoes.

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Just look under "Best Walking Shoe for Travel." You will find a few hundred responses --- all personal preference. For my feet the ECCO brand is best.

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My husband is a very light packer. 30L pack for all trips, including business trips with laptops and a cpap. Brings tassel loafers for dress up (if business involved) and wears keen waterproof low rise hikers. Most important for Scotland is a waterproof membrane. Even the top of the most craggy hill seems to be boggy. Consider a mid-rise shoe if doing more serious hill walking. While we never went anywhere particularly fancy in Scotland it seemed to me that footwear was pretty casual. At most places men and women wore some sort of keen/Merrell like shoe.

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Oboz hiking waterproof sneakers; pack the Merrill’s. Buy a pair of sneakers from TJX off Princes Street or one of the many sports stores, if you need something to wear after long day of walking.

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My husband also swears by the ECCO Track, although he wears the high-top version, which provides better stability on uneven surfaces ( They're waterproof out of the box, but he occasionally re-waterproofs them. One pair, worn every day, lasts him for at least two years.

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My husband's "go to" all-purpose shoes when traveling are Salomon (Salomon XA Pro 3D V8 GTX). He bought these at REI; loved them so much that he bought a 2nd pair. They are also sold on ZAPPOS. These particular pair are waterproof trail runners, but no trail running for him; we're old. They look just a little clunkier than a pair of athletic shoes, but can be worn in town and city for casual dining. Like you, we travel with carry-on size suitcases.
They have good grips for hiking. I can't remember if he had these shoes when we were in Scotland, but he did take them to Ireland.
And if travel opens up, he'll take them to Switzerland.

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Carol F. thanks for posting the link to the Ecco shoes because they look perfect for my husband. He has a pair on the way.
(Don't you love this Forum! It's amazing the info and help we can get from each other!)

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I can attest to the comfort and durability of the ECCO Track shoe. I don't travel with them any more because mine are so beat up and scuffed after several years of everyday use at home, they've been in the trash a few times. But I've always rescued them before its too late. It hits the sweet spot of blending in by looking dressy enough while being rugged at the same time. But only if they fit well.

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Altra shoes for me, zero drop, huge toe box, luxurious cushioning. Definitely not waterproof but I carry a pair of waterproof sox for such outings.

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There have been some good responses, but something like the ECCO mentioned is probably what you are looking for. The key would be leather construction, waterproof, that looks like a typical casual shoe, as opposed to a "Hiking boot". While I have not worn the ECCO brand, I have had Dexter, Rockport, Dunham and a couple other brands that have all worked well for my very wide feet. If you start to compare, go for something lighter, but well constructed.

I also have been a "One shoe while traveling" type of guy, but have gotten into also bringing a pair of Sketchers Go-Walk slip on shoes. They are great for the flight there and back, and after a long day of walking, slipping into a different pair of shoes for the evening is nice.

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Different from most other replies: for my husband we bought ankle-high boots similar to the Propet Shield Worker or Propet Blizzard mid-lace. (The exact style probably isn't available anymore as this was a few years ago.)

They are very lightweight and have good sole traction, and the man-made material is waterproof. They look "normal" enough to wear with dress trousers and a tweed sport coat for dinner in a nice restaurant, and don't make him stand out as a tourist. (One of my pet peeves is American tourists wearing obvious mountain gear ambling through downtown city streets.)

To choose these we ordered four different boot styles, if I remember correctly, and he kept the pair that felt best on his feet. Comfort is really the paramount consideration for travel boots since you will be wearing them for long hours.

His only other travel footwear is a pair of sturdy slippers from Orvis with a convertible heel so they fold flat for packing. The slippers serve to give feet a rest in the evening without having to walk around in stocking feet (or barefoot) on hotel carpet/floors, and they provide enough support to wear down to the lobby to get a newspaper or whatever.

Since OP is looking for "all around shoes," I really thought these were a good answer.

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Just a note that I just saw the ECCO Track shoes that were mentioned at a department store for $230.