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Airport Chaos In Edinburgh airport?

With all of the recent staffing related chaos at some European airports lately, I’m wondering if Edinburgh airport is similarly affected? Does anyone have any recent experience? We’re flying home from there on Tuesday.

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I am actually replying to your post on my flight from EDI to JFK right now. My husband and I experienced no problems at the Edinburgh airport this morning. Lines were short for checking in/dropping bags and for getting through security.
One “glitch” I noticed for some of those flying, like us, on Delta, was needing a print out of the negative Covid test result unless the test results had been uploaded into VeriFly and one had a phone that could display the FlyReady image in the Delta app. We were able to do this, but I have found that app to be notoriously fickle, which can cause anxiety if the use of the app is somewhat necessary.

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The Delta app is a complete and total disaster. They should really rename it to “not ready “. I have a friend who works for Delta and he says their reservation agents want to kill management over it because they get hundreds of panicked calls a day of people afraid they aren’t able to go on vacation or go home because “not ready” didn’t work again.

. You may want to give it one try to see if it works if you do you’re nicer than me I quit. I’m not Delta’s beta testing department! I just show up with my emails and printouts.

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I have made 3 trips through Edinburgh airport in the last 8 weeks, no problems at all, security takes about 10 minutes and the check in much the same.

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Thank you everyone for the info! We just arrived home, so here's the report:

Checkin was a breeze - less than 2 mins; security was about 15-20 mins but very disorganized for the number of passengers. They clearly have the same staffing issues everyone else has right now. All in all, fairly quick compared to some of some of the horror stories were hearing about.

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We flew Edinburgh to London June 13. Security was a pain - lots of shouting bossy people., higher stress level than LHR. Very few available places to sit and wait for delayed BA flight. Next time we will try Glasgow airport instead.

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On Saturday June 18, our United flight home out of Edinburgh was canceled due to a maintenance problem. These things happen and I’m thankful for the staff that catches the problem before we leave of course. From there, the experience was a mess. We deplaned and the checked luggage took nearly 3 hours to be unloaded. The passengers from the plane got someone they recognized from the flight crew from the canceled flight who walked through baggage claim to finally make the return of checked bags a priority with someone at the airport - all other airport staff reused to help. We heard “it’s not my job” a lot, and perhaps that’s true but it was frustrating. Then, after baggage, the staff was trying to help rebook but many, including my wife and I, could not get out for days. I am still in Edinburgh as we were rebooked to Chicago via Newark on Tuesday the 21st. I hope we get out as planned. Getting our checked bags (we don’t check normally but bought some stuff to take back this time) and getting rebooked at the airport on Saturday took over 6 hours. United app and phone help was not helpful for us or others in line, though some just ended buying new tickets with new airlines while waiting rather than rebooking via United because of the delays in service. The security, as others have mentioned is understaffed and it’s a mess. Ground transport is ok unless you want a taxi - busses and trams are more reliably available. Some of this is United, some of it the airport, but it has been a bit of a mess, especially when the flight was canceled.

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We flew home on 6/15. Technical issue on BA. Just a delay. Traveled thru EDI and able to make connection. My best advice is do not check; however, be aware that the airports are not disability friendly and required lot of stairs, walking, buses, etc We traveled with carry-on size suitcase and backpacks. It was a lot of moving around, but if you are able to navigate with bags, it may save you time.

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Flew from Edinburgh to Newark 28 June '22. Edinburgh checkin--over 1 hour. Security lines--another hour--absolute mob chaos. No real instructions & suddenly (even tho I try to carefully do the right thing with fluids (ck-in bag) and other packing, I was singled out for body scanning 3 times. My shoes, passport, phone, carry-on bag ended in 4 different bins as people were given possible access to just take them.

None of the 4 "security" people were aware of the others' directions for me to go here or there or back again, so conflicting instructions from each. Person pawed thru my small backpack; double x-rayed my bags.
Very degrading experience which angered me and threatened my whole trip (until I didn't let it). ab

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We travelled mid-July. No ramp to get off the plane for forty minutes. Luggage came 2 hours later. We had a car to pick us up but the driver gave up after waiting two hours. Departure had pretty surly staff. Will try a different approach—maybe rail or Glasgow. On the other hand, it is easy and cheap to get into the city on the Airlink bus or the tram. Touchless payment. Everywhere else in Scotland including Edinburgh, people were friendly and helpful. I think they are probably badly understaffed at the airport. Also, if your flight is early in the morning, you should know that there is no food service until 5:30 am with most open at 6 so you might want to bring a snack or have coffee at your hotel.

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I doubt you'll have much trouble in Edinburgh, but security at Heathrow can oscillate quite a lot with the timing of flights. You better plan on 30 minutes. We made an 1:10 connection with a little worry but no rushing. although it was BA to BA, which might matter.

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Don't know about EDI, but be sure to give yourselves an adequate time cushion if you're entering the UK through Heathrow. We had a little over two hours to make a BA connection, so I thought that we were safe. No chance! We stood in incredibly long lines, packed together like sardines, and by the time we finally passed through security, and by the time we were done, we had barely minutes to make our connection. We ran to our gate, and arrived just as the call for the last two passengers (us!) was being made. We got to our seats, sweat pouring off of us, with nowhere to put our carryons. Mine was too big to put under the seat, so the flight attendant said to do the best I could. So I sat in the seat with my feet on top of my backpack all the way to Glasgow.

Going back was no problem. We were through security in ten minutes, and had plenty of time to relax, as our flight to LHR was delayed by 90 minutes. As a result, we ended up missing our flight to PHL. However, thanks to my studying the departure board at LHR while we waited for an alternative flight, BA found us two seats on a flight to BWI, so we arrived home the same day that we left.

Already planning the next holiday!

Happy travels!

Mike (Auchterless)