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Advice needed for Scotland itinerary next October

My husband and I are planning a trip mid October. We will fly into London (we have been there before) and will spend the first night in Windsor, then the following 2nights in Canterbury before taking the train to Edinburgh. After we finish 6 or so days in Scotland, we are meeting friends in Ireland. I could use advice about our time in Scotland. This is what we are thinking, but subject to change:
* Stay in Edinburgh 2 or 3 nights. One of those days we would take public transport to see St. Andrews (my husband is a golfer, but mainly just to take a look/see). We would see the Castle in Edinburgh, walk the Royal Mile....what else is a must see there?
* We do not want to drive, but want to see the Highlands and the Isle of Skye. I have looked at Rabbies for either a 3 or 4 day trip which includes seeing a lot of scenery and staying 2 nights in Portree for the 3 day trip and if we take the 4 day trip an extra night in Ft. William. We would prefer a smaller group as they advertise rather than a large bus. Any recommendations for or against Rabbies, or other company recommendations? In order to make the most of our limited time and a desire to see the beautiful scenery, is a tour like this a good idea?

* We would rather connect with the culture, people, scenery of the locals than spending more time in museums and the like. Considering we have limited time, are we missing anything that we may regret?

I appreciate any advice about our itinerary, as well as recommendations for a centrally located place to stay in Edinburgh and Portree.

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Is there a special reason you want to visit Canterbury? I ask because it is definitely "out of the way" for the rest of your itinerary. You could take a train from London to Edinburgh with an overnight in York and see what IMHO is a far more interesting cathedral in a town with a lot more to offer than Canterbury. And you would have more time for Scotland.

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I've done a Rabbies tour, and thought it was a great way to see Scotland outside of the cities without driving. I hope to do another someday--I loved Scotland.

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We spent 3 wonderful nights in York on a previous trip and loved it. We want to see Canterbury Cathedral since we are active Episcopalians and that is the seat of the Archbishop. I love gothic Cathedrals so this is sort of a pilgrimage I guess you could say!

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Following the advice of many on this forum who love Rabbies, we booked a one-day Highlands tour with them from Glasgow for our trip at the end of May.