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Advice for summer trip to Scotland

My husband and three kids (7,9 and 11) have got three nights booked in the Borders 15-18 August then a week on Harris from 21st August. I am hoping to book three nights somewhere on the way up to Harris but need some help as I haven’t spent much time there since I was a little girl. Can anyone recommend a good place to stay 3 nights. I am a bit worried about midges but have otherwise considered Loch Ness area or Skye. Any advice very much appreciated.

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Maybe Inveraray? We took our two there when they were 8 and 11 back in 1996. My experience was quite a while ago so things may have changed, but we climbed a bell tower, picnicked near Dunadd in Kilmartin Glen, and rented a rowboat on Loch Awe. If you want a change from rural delights, consider Edinburgh.

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If The Fringe happens this year, Edinburgh will be very busy in August and as it isn’t targeted at children, I would give it a wide berth. You have probably left it too late to find anywhere on Skye, which gets booked up a year in advance. You could look around Glencoe or Oban, which is about half way between your destinations or Glasgow.

Where are you based? The U.K. government has just said today that it’s likely to be September before all U.K. adults are offered their first vaccine, so there’s a chance that restrictions may remain in place in August.

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Good point, Jennifer. Some countries are/will require verification of the COVID vaccine or proof that you've had it. Iceland comes to mind. I know things may change dramatically--for the better-- between now and August.

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Thanks for everyone’s input. I think we may be being optimistic in planning our trip but I am hopeful. We are just coming up for Yorkshire so not too far.
Thank you so much for the suggestion of Inveraray. There looks like there is lots to do around there which my kids would love (pony trekking, cycling, boating, walks) and we have found an apartment a few miles away which looks perfect. Thank you very much guys.

Any tips for dealing with midges?!

I think we will try Skye another year and book a long way ahead!

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I'd guess that if things suddenly open up, you might find lodging re-opening, with open rooms. I doubt if many are booking for August yet. Not an expert!

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I enjoyed the gardens at Inveraray Castle. My travel mate did the interior and liked it.

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I'll put in another vote for Inveraray. Brambles is a lovely place to stay. We liked it so much the first time that we planned a second trip the next year. They serve a wonderful breakfast as well as lunch and snacks throughout the day. For dinner and pub, the George Hotel is the place.

There is horseback riding for all levels at Argyll Adventure, just a few miles south of town. I think they also have paintball, FWIW. Then there's the Auchindrain Township open-air museum, which has walking trail(s) all the way up to Loch Awe. It is a must-see if you have any interest in the traditional crofting way of life.

The castle is beautiful inside and out, and I believe it has walking trail(s) up to a lookout point. You also get to see the Duke's flock of black sheep! [[edited from "herd" to "flock" -- I must have been really tired when I first posted this...]]