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Activity level

I have no trouble walking; my husband is a bit less energetic. I’m concerned about walking eight miles a day, as mentioned on the website. That sounds more than “moderate”. How doable is this, really?

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I assume you are referring to one of the Rick Steves Scotland tours?
Most people here don't travel with the tours, so it helps to have a title that mentions what tour your are asking about. Also, there is a tour section.

That said, only you can decide if a tour suits you, but the tours are active, and walking a few miles at a time is common. You also will need to handle/carry your luggage yourself. Don't underestimate the info provided on the tour page.

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I looked at the Best of Scotland tour and it rates the activity level as "Moderate" with a range of 2-8 miles. That does not mean 8 miles every day! I have done that tour and do not remember any really long walk days. I think Edinburgh was the longest walking location and there was always an option to take a cab back to your hotel if you did not want to continue walking.

I looked back at my tour report from 2018 and I did comment on activity level. The itinerary has changed a bit since then as it now starts in Glasgow instead of starting and ending in Edinburgh.

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In general RS Tours are very active. I generally average around 14,000-16,000 steps on non bus days. Normally city and/or museum tours mean being able to walk and stand for anywhere from 2-4 hours. Only you and your husband know if this is “doable” for you. Many on here, me included, would recommend that you get in shape by walking daily for a month prior to the tours.

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I have not done the Scotland tour, but on the South of France last year, we averaged 5 to 6 1/2 miles per day, seldom less. The only 8 mile day was pre-tour on my own in London.

This year on the Berlin, Prague & Vienna tour we averaged 5 1/2 miles per day but I took trams/buses more during free time. Since having Covid post-tour 2022 I lack the stamina I had but the BP&V tour was very doable.

You don’t walk all the miles at once so it’s not a forced hike. You walk a bit, stop and look a bit, walk on to the next spot, stand a bit more, stop for coffee, repeat.

Do get in shape if you’re not used to exercise. I’m walking on a treadmill now, waiting for the weather to cool a bit more. Then I’ll walk 3 miles and work up to 150 steps up and down. Plus I do stretchy exercises and lift small weights. I have a bad back and not great feet so getting into and staying in shape is important.