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About studying in Scotland as a EU

I lived in Brazil my whole life, but i am an EU-citizen, i will fly to Scotland in January, but i don't have everything sorted out, just that i plan to study psychology.
Been researching for hours and hours about every topic, but one that i can't understand is how i will apply for an university, from what i've seen i need a ''Foundation Course'' or whatever is called.
I can't really get answer for how much does it costs, where it is, how can i apply, if i should apply now that i'm here in Brazil yet or when i get there in january.
I love the country, culture, history, i've met people from there and the only language other than portuguese that i can speak fluently is english.
Other preoccupation of mine is the tuition fees, being from a 3rd world country doesn't give you much wealth to start your life, so knowing what will cost what would be a great help.
I understand how this all seems quite vague, but just pointing me in the right direction would be a immense help.

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It looks like you need to apply before 15 January for courses starting next September.