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500 Mile Tour

At a store in Hawaii today, I heard a very special accent and asked where they were from. They live between Edinburgh and Glasgow and were here on a cruise. We had a lovely conversation and he gave me lots of tips for our upcoming trip. One thing that he mentioned that I don't remember seeing discussed in this forum was a 500 mile tour. He said the scenery is absolutely spectacular. They do some of the drive fairly often.

We won't have a car, so it's out of our realm for this trip, but thought perhaps others who are (or will be) looking for routes might enjoy taking a look.

Mike, you've likely done most, if not all of this. What do you think?

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It’s usually referred to as the NC500, or North Coast 500. I think there are several posts about it on the Forum. I agree that it sounds like a wonderful trip. And I think it's a huge marketing coup for whoever came up with the nomenclature for tourism in that part of the country.

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It’s a well known route that has become a victim of its own success and now produces far too much traffic. It is mentioned regularly on this forum.

There are also many other beautiful routes in Scotland with less traffic.