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2017 HIghland Games in Aberdeen

We will be traveling to Scotland in 2017 and would like to attend the Highland Games in Aberdeen. Has anyone attended these games before? I think the games take place on Sept. 2 in 2017, but I'm having a difficult time confirming this. Can anyone help me with this? I'm thinking that 2 nights and one day in Aberdeen would be enough, arriving Friday night and departing on Sunday Sept. 3rd. is that enough time?

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I think the Aberdeen Games are earlier in the season. However I can tell you the world famous Braemar Gathering will take place on 2 September 2017. The gathering is always the first Saturday in September.

I'm in a rush right now and have to get to work, but will answer your post more fully when I return. It's 07.35 here :-)

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I've done a check for you and the Aberdeen Games for 2016 are on Sunday 19 June and next year I would expect them to be on Sunday 18 June.

Anyway, this site should help where planning your trip next year is concerned. Obviously it shows this year's highland games calendar, but in time will be updated for 2017.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for your help. We've booked a B&B in Braemar for the 2017 games, fun. I didn't have the correct information when I posted but I'm clear now.

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We were at the Braemar Games in 2011 and it was incredible. If you are driving yourselves, I would recommend you bring lawn chairs or blankets to sit on. As of 2011, spectators were allowed to bring in personal items (we saw coolers, hand-carts/wagons, etc.) and you'll need something to sit on unless you purchased reserved space in the bleachers. Although, it never hurts to inquire if the rules have changes...

Good luck and have fun.