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2 weeks in Scotland

We are taking our teenagers to Scotland for two weeks in June/July.
We've been looking at the 12 day guide in Rick Steves guidebook, but are starting in Glasgow since we're flying in there.
We've been told that we should visit the Lake District if we can.
Is it worth the trip from Glasgow? What would we be compromising if we go there?
Any suggestions how to add this, then loop up through Scotland, end in Edinburgh -- then fly out of Glasgow...?

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You can fly into Glasgow and out of Edinburgh to save yourself some time backtracking unless you have already booked your flights in and out of Glasgow. If you are referring to the lake district in England it is a very nice area to visit, but not if you are trying to see the highlands of Scotland also. 12 days is not a lot in Scotland if you want to get all the way up north, but also spend time in both Glasgow and Edinbugh as well (both are worth a couple days each, minimum). A ten day driving tour will allow you to spend a few days getting all the way up to the Isle of Skye, then spend a few more days getting back to Edinburgh. I would not try to squeeze the lake district into this as well.

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Thanks so much!
We are coming from Portland, OR and booked a flight through Iceland to Glasgow already. So, we decided to start in Glasgow, then head NW next.
We are coming to that conclusion that the Lake District is too much for this trip. We do want to get up to the Highlands, and possibly visit the Isle of Skye, so I think we'll do best to stick with our original itinerary of
Save the Lake District for another visit to the UK.

Our 16 year daughter's request is to of course stay in a castle, with a family of four, I think we may need to be creative with our booking, because it's hard to find family rooms in castles... so far.

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I agree the Lake District is rather far out of your way; also, IMHO its scenery is modest compared to the Scottish highlands. The website Secret Scotland gives some realistic driving itineraries.

If you need a hotel near the airport in Glasgow, there's a Holiday Inn and a Holiday Inn Express literally walking distance from the terminal -- as in, covered walkways to wheel your luggage, and you'll stumble over the rental car parking area en route. I've stayed at both and they are not bad, the Holiday Inn being a little nicer. Be sure to ask the rental car agent which signs to follow in the roundabouts leaving the airport. At least when I was there, there were no signs clearly indicating "north" or "Loch Lomond" or even "Erskine Bridge."

Driving north from Glasgow after the bridge over the Clyde you'll come to a big roundabout at Balloch, which is the southern end of Loch Lomond and one of several places where you can take a boat ride on the Loch. A few more miles north is Duck Bay where there is a nice hotel & restaurant with a commanding view of the Loch. Further up, the village of Luss is very scenic, and at Tarbet you can either continue north or head west to Inveraray (and thence to Oban).

If you fly out of Edinburgh you'll avoid a certain amount of backtracking, but not much, as you can drive across from Edinburgh to Glasgow on the M80.

My family and I did a two week trip to Scotland that was Edinburgh to Oban to Inverness and fly out of Edinburgh. We used trains and buses. We also did some day tours with Rabbie's tours. These were very nice. We also did a couple of day boat trips from Oban out to the Isles. Go ahead and look up Rabbie's tours for info.. I would be more than happy to help you flesh out a trip. Enjoy and drink a Crabbie's ginger beer for me or eat a sticky toffee pudding.

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Great things to think about!
Thanks so much!
Yes, the Lake District has been tabled for another time.

I'll definitely have to look at the Secret Scotland website. I haven't found that one yet, but getting some other insight to driving tours would be nice.

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We'll have to take a look at Rabble tours as well.
And the food/drink suggestions sounds amazing!

Our children both rock climb, our son is especially involved, so his hope is to climb or at least boulder while we're there. And our daughter has requested to stay in a Castle.

Hoping to meet the wishes of all the family for this trip, and figuring out the best itinerary will definitely help out!