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2 full day itinerary needed

Thinking of taking 3 days out of our Ireland trip to visit Scotland (2 full days). Suggestions needed. wont have a car. Not big on museums. Thanks

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Frankly, I wouldn’t bother for just two days. When you take into account how long it will take to either catch a flight or get on a ferry to get to some part of Scotland you want to see your time would be much better spent staying in Ireland and seeing a few more things there. It seems like a lot of hassle to me, but if I only had two days I would spend them in Edinburgh. Lots to see in the city, and lots of guided day trips available to get out of the city if you want.

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I agree with Anita. Unless you have a specific destination that is a must visit (say, an ancestral village, or specific piece of art - I know you said you're not big on museums), going from Ireland to Scotland and back in just three days is a lot of hassle for not much. Stay in Ireland, and plan on a separate Scotland trip.

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Not sure why you are thinking of doing this if you don't even know what you would want to see. The travel time will eat into the time you can enjoy Ireland.

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I agree that the real question is why do you want to visit Scotland? What's driving the interest? All we know is no museums. Does that mean no castles? Do you want to see lochs and hills? Do you want to hear Scottish music? When you say you don't like museums does that mean you don't like historic sites? Are you interested in geology? Are you interested in Scotish literature? Or are you just interested hearing pipe bands and seeing more men in kilts? :)

It's really hard to suggest something when we all have is a negative.


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The overwhelming trend in the thread is "stay in Ireland". While I agree with the trend, hope is not lost, depending of where you are potentially departing from in Ireland. If you are near an airport with frequent flights to Edinburgh (or perhaps Glasgow--but I'll focus on Edinburgh as an example), three days is doable. While I'd personally not want to make such a journey, the flight from, say Dublin, to Edinburgh is a little over an hour plus a half-hour tram to the City. (If I were doing such a trip, I'd have only a back-pack with a change of clothes, no luggage). If you could get an early morning flight that would arrive at Edinburgh airport by 10:00 hr, and arrive at Princes Street near Waverly (on the tram) and let your hotel know you're in town by 11:00 hr (check in later in the evening), you would have the balance of the day and evening, all the next day and evening, and say until, maybe, 19:00 the third day before heading back to the Edinburgh airport. You'd probably want to get a hotel close to Waverly Station so you could walk from and to the airport tram (on Princes Street) and pre-purchase admission to the Castle (if you're inclined to visit). Then plan an itinerary that you could walk, or if you're big on tours, take a tour the one full day you're in Edinburgh. Unless you have something specific in mind (this is a good question others have raised and merits consideration), you could walk from, say Waverly Station, to the Castle, St. Giles, the Kirk of the Greyfriars, the Greyfriars cemetery and loads of other venues near by, walk through New Town and have lunch at the Auld Hundred on Rose Street. If no tour, take a local bus to the Palace at Holyroodhouse, and visit the "new" Parliament maybe even Our Dynamic Earth (it such suits your taste), visit the John Knox house and stroll back up the Royal Mile to your hotel (near Waverly). Be sure to walk a few of the closes, you'll find almost-hidden gems therein. If you could get a reservation for high tea at the Signet Library on your last day in Edinburgh, it would be a memorable event.