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Talking to the void

So, I spend ten or fifteen minutes writing an answer to someone's query and post it.
I never get any response from the person who asked the question, which makes me wonder if they ever even read the response.

Does this lack of response bug everyone or only me?

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Neither answer -- it doesn't bug EVERYONE but it seems to bug some people. Personally, I'm only annoyed when someone responds with anger or name-calling. No response ? No problem. Somebody else may learn something from my post -- or not.

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A lot of others read the post, so I don't get upset. It is nice to get a simple "thank you." I agree with the above poster that I only get annoyed with snarky, condescending remarks or remarks like "just buy the RS book." Even with RS books, you may need help locating info.. I personally like collecting info. from different sources. I use travel books, but am not one to sit and just read it through. It 's a bit confusing traveling to a new locale.

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I don't have a problem. I figure that they solved their problem and have moved on. You never know what is going on in people's lives. They may have been planning a special trip and then a family disaster occurs and travel is the last thing on their minds. I get a tad more annoyed when people respond with exactly the same advice that either I or someone else had offered in the same thread. You can chime in and say, "that's a great idea that mentioned above and I liked this about it," but when the response is what you should do when the exact same suggestion was made three posts up. Yes, I know that sometimes there is overlap of posting, but I think that people don't bother to see what else has been suggested. There is certainly value to a poster to see that multiple people like something or suggest something, but I guess I just want more engagement in a discussion rather than the one off answer to the question. And, yes, I'm less annoyed when it's a thread that goes on for a long time. Reading every post in a 120 post thread can get tedious or just seem like too much.