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Edinburgh in June

How is the weather in June? Any clothing suggestions?

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HI Pearce, Layers and a good water proof rain jacket. Whenever I go to Scotland, I have my Goretex rain jacket with a hood. I have long pants that are convertible to shorts in hopes that one of my hiking days will warrant taking off the legs. I bring a light weight fleece to wear under my jacket. I also bring a hat and gloves. Since I'm usually doing a walking holiday for part of the trip I also have rain pants, good walking books as well as my "touring walking shoes." If you're not planing on hiking, then don't worry about the rain pants. :)

My mother said that her lined jeans saved her trip to the Orkney one June. The thing to realize about the weather in Scotland is that it can be extraordinarily changeable from day to day and from place to place. It's a very mountainous place that is surrounded by water and is at the tail end of the Gulf Stream. One year In September I ran into the end of a hurricane on Hadrian's Wall. At least in June you shouldn't have to worry about that!

All that said, if you come prepared you'll have a wonderful time. The Scots are great people. If you get cold, buy one of their wonderful sweaters.


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a co worker is from Glasgow.

he tells me that the weather there is a crap shoot just like Portland. So i felt right at home. I packed just as if i was at home.

happy trails.

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Let say this I had great weather almost all month I was there until my 2nd to last day, when it rained cats and dogs so bad the couple in front of me at the line for Edinburgh castle "to see the jewels" let me cut in front of them cause I was so wet they thought I'd get sick. I don't understand how you can see blue skies in one part of the city and then dark rainy clouds in the other. I'm from the northwest and their weather there is off. Pack knowing your going to have to buy something along the way, cause you can't take everything with you in the morning from the hotel. :-(

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We're from Southern California & for us it was cold! I wore my coat & a scarf.

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Or just don't stray too far from a pub . . . :-)