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12 Nights in Scotland


I created a post in the Ireland section, but I wanted to post the Scotland-specific portion here for feedback on the Scotland itinerary.

I have a concern that one of my days would be too long and wanted to get some feedback.

Day 15, Drive from Edinburgh to Torridon through Sterling and Inverness, again is this too much in a day?

Day 12, Wed 5-Oct-2022: Belfast < Flight to Edinburgh < Edinburgh

Day 13, Thu 6-Oct-2022: Edinburgh < Day in Edinburgh < Edinburgh

Day 14, Fri 7-Oct-2022: Edinburgh < Rest Day < Edinburgh

Day 15, Sat 8-Oct-2022: Edinburgh < Drive to Toriden, through Sterling and Iverness < Torridon

Day 16, Sun 9-Oct-2022: Torridon < Day in Torridon < Torridon

Day 17, Mon 10-Oct-2022: Toriden < Drive to Portree, through Applecross < Portree

Day 18, Tue 11-Oct-2022: Portree < Day on Syke < Portree

Day 19, Wed 12-Oct-2022: Portree < Rest Day < Portree

Day 20, Thu 13-Oct-2022: Portree < Drive to Mull < Tobermory

Day 21, Fri 14-Oct-2022: Tobermory < Inner Herbrides < Tobermory

Day 22, Sat 15-Oct-2022: Tobermory < Inner Herbrides, drive to Glencoe < Glencoe

Day 23, Sun 16-Oct-2022: Glencoe < Jocabite Train < Glencoe

Day 24, Mon 17-Oct-2022: Glencoe < Flight or train to Southhampton from Glascow < Southhampton

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Maybe I’m missing it, and hope this isn’t nitpicking, but between your last 2 days, how are you getting from Glencoe to Glasgow?

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I believe you'll be OK (I think this question came up before, but I'm not 100% sure), but check with your car-rental company to be sure there's no problem with taking the car on ferries. In some countries it's a no-no.

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Unless you are desperate for a trip behind a steam loco, the normal service train coveres exactly the same route as the Jacobite, (and is cheaper!).

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Thank you for the feedback.

@Cyn. We are currently planning to skip visiting Glasgow and will drive to the airport and just drop the car.
@acraven. Thank you for this. I will make sure we confirm that.
@wasleys. I don't know that we will ride the train, but we do plan on stopping by the viaduct. We are of the Harry Pottor Generation.

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So this sound quite lovely. I think that your first day sounds really long. It is nearly five hours with no stop and no traffic. If you are doing this after being in Ireland at least you won't be jet-lagged! If you want to see anything it's not enough time. The Castle in Stirling is wonderful. You can spend two hours there easily. Inverness is the city of the north and I like it, but if you are staying then you'll just move on through. If you have an historians on the trip, it will be hard to go sailing past Culloden without a stop. There is a great visitor center and the site is very evocative. And the Clava Cairns are quite near by. The drive from Inverness to Torridon is gorgeous. Do it in day light!

When you go to Tobermory look into taking the small ferry from Kilchoan to Tobermory, You get to check out Ardnamurchan which is not a place many Americans get to. I've done the ferry but I have driven around the peninsula a bit.

Are you planning on walking (hiking)? if you are, walking boots not running shoes are best. Also, I finally caved and got rain pants. My midgie hat was handy to have when needed.