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11 days in Scotland

Im traveling to Scotland for 11 days in May (flying in and out of Inverness) and plan to spend 4 nights in Edinburgh and 6 nights in Inverness. Couple questions to ask that's difficult to make a decision on:

1) We plan to rent a car for 1 day and drive from Inverness to Edinburgh (allowing about 6-8 hours for drive). Are there any suggestions on places to stop along the way worth seeing in that time frame? Im traveling with my 70 yo father so climbing isn't in the cards.
2) The rest of the trip we plan to walk, take the bus, or travel by train. Is a train pass worthy for our trip or should we buy the advanced pay as you go? (we will take train to Glasgow, Inverness, and surrounding areas; and use bus when in city). Also, is there a bus pass we can by so we can hop on bus as we please without worrying about carrying exact change? What is difference between Scottish CityLink and Stagecoach?
3) Most of our stay is in Inverness and we plan to take part in the Speyside Whiskey Festival. After doing that, we will have 3 full days and plan to see Culloden, Cawdor Castle, Clava Cairns, and Urquhart Castle. Are their any other Highland towns/sites within a 1-2 hour train/bus ride that we should see? Or worthy of a 1 night stay? Or if Inverness is not that exciting...perhaps we could do a stay in Isle of Skye but wondering if thats cramming too much in.

Thanks for help and suggestions!

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The only way to know for sure on the railpass is to price the tickets both ways. The two together rail card sounds like it might be the one to look into. I am curious, why the decision to drive between Edinburgh and Inverness rather than take the train there as well? Is there something special you would like to do on the way?

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Having spent a few days in Inverness in July, I can tell you that reaching Culloden, Clava Cairs, Loch Ness/Urquarht Castle and other areas around Inverness is much easier if you have a car. I wouldn't want a car in Edinburgh either, but in Inverness it really is no trouble. Inverness itself is a nice little, lively town. I don't think it has many things right in town that are as high on most people's list of sight seeing destinations, but It is a great home base as there's so much that's easy to get to from there if you have a car. If you have a car, I'd recommend touring the areas near Aviemore and the Cairngorms - beautiful scenery even if you're not hiking. Aviemore is about 45 minutes by car from Inverness. Also, north of Inverness about an hour or so is Dunrobin Castle, which is beautiful and easy to get to right off the main road near Golspie.