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Il Positano i Edinburgh now Ristorante ISOLA.

Using Rick's 2014 Britain Book, we called Positano in Edinburgh for reservations. TripAdvisor said they were closed but Yelp had them listed. When we got there we learned it changed it's name to Ristorante Isola. Same chef, who bought it. Very good food. The only thing is we ordered a Cesar salad which clearly wasn't one at all and the waiter didn't know the difference. However, it had classic Italian cocktails (e.g. Campari) and great pasta dishes. Time to update the book, Rick.

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Hi Mr,
I would just inform you that Ristorante Isola is new management, so new staff. No one of Positano work here, so is not the same chef. Anyway, on our menu is explain on word what is inside on Caeser salad (green salad, crutones, goat cheese and dressing). If he wanted something else inside, just ask the waiter. Thanks anyway for your review. I hope that you come back soon.
Kind Regards.
Ristorante Isola