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best western hotel garfield house in glasgow

After an all night flight from the USA, having a lovely day sightseeing in Glasgow and little to no sleep for 30+ hours I was looking forward to a quiet hotel just outside of town, I am beyond furious. There was a wedding reception at the hotel, thats OK, now its evening, the room is vibrating from the DJ playing, and management said they will be playing until midnight!!! Management said we should have known they do this!!! REALLY???? This is a nice Best Western expect a relaxing quiet hotel!!!! Avoid this place!!!! Best western corporation will be hearing from me next. And trip advisor!!!!!

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Best Western Hotels are franchises, not a chain. They do not have a common owner, so they are not identical, they can be very variable; and you pay for the name.

So let me get this right, you booked a hotel, and objected because they did what all hotels do and had an an event going on? How do you think hotels make money?

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People shouldn't get married?

Is it the hotel's fault that you hadn't had sleep for 30+ hours?

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They may have thought that you booked the hotel because you were coming to the wedding. In the U.K., most hotels host weddings and wedding receptions, and it is a prime source of income. The wedding guests will expect to party until midnight. One hotel we stayed at (for a murder mystery weekend) was catering for three weddings on the same day, and one of the bridegrooms had arranged a surprise firework display for midnight after the evening celebrations. We all enjoyed the display, including those of us not connected to that particular wedding. Events like this are a major part of British family life, and every country and culture has its own variation, some much more disruptive.

There is no way of avoiding this, especially at weekends. Even if you stay at a Premier Inn or similar, where there are no facilities for such events, you may be woken at night by revellers who had booked cheaper accommodation away from the main hotel.

Only in exceptional circumstances would you have a valid complaint against the hotel. Let's hope your experience is helpful to other travellers when making their own arrangements.

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The OP says he(?) she(?) will be writing to TripAdvisor next.

Just in the last week that hotel (which gets 85% positive, 10th out of 80 hotels - pretty good) there have been two very positive reviews from wedding parties.