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Almondbank B&B - Portree Scotland

I made a 2 day reservation, confirmed with a credit card for two nights. The reservation was confirmed by e-mail.

Upon arrival, they had apparently put my reservation in for the wrong month and as a result had no room available.

I understand mistakes happen, and they were great in getting me a room somewhere else for the first night, but the owners communication was lacking.

1) When you tell my wife there's no room for us, you should avoid laughing about it. I don't know the owner, so perhaps it was a nervous laugh of some kind, but there was absolutely nothing amusing about it.
2) If you are planning on doing something about the 2nd night you need to communicate that. Given that I was traveling in high season, and the Commonwealth Games were also occurring, there weren't a lot of rooms to be had anywhere in Scotland really. By only satisfying my first night requirement, without letting me know anything one way or the other about the 2nd night, I was forced to change my plans and get a room in a town almost 150 miles away. If I hadn't rented a car, I really don't know what I would have done.

It looked like a very nice BnB in the time I spent waiting to see if I'd be sleeping in my car. However, if you book here, make sure you confirm by phone before you drive up the Isle. Don't assume because the owners sent you an e-mail confirmation you have a room.

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