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Hotel suggestions in Copenhagen

Any suggestions on hotels in Copenhagen? We are only staying for two night before a cruise to Norway. We want to do some light sight seeing. We want safe, comfortable, and not priced mid range. Not budget but not over the top.
Thank you all so much

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You say, "not priced mid-range" as well as "not budget but not over the top.". That doesn't leave much!

Assuming you do mean mid-range, I will ditto Suki's suggestions for the Admiral and Radisson (Blu). I will add that we have also enjoyed the Alexandra and the Mayfair. The first two are modern Design and the latter two smaller with a more traditional feel. Admiral is near Nyhavn, and the other three are nearer the train station and Tivoli.

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Thank you for all your suggestions. I should not inquire when I am tired at night! I see where my question was a bit confusing! In all our travels I have found that in large cities like London you can end up in a closet if you are not careful. We are very willing to pay more these days to get a little more comfort. Thank you all again for the response.