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Woman Traveling Alone St. Petersburg?

This summer I'm going to St. Petersburg on a Rick Steves tour and considering staying on solo for about 3 more days. First time in Russia, and my language ability will be extremely basic. (Meaning I'll be able to read their alphabet and say please, thank you, and probably order food.) In the past, I have immensely enjoyed traveling alone in Barcelona and Venice, but I was almost fluent in Spanish and Italian. Can anyone share whether it may be wise, or not so, to stay on solo in St. Petersburg? I am primarily concerned re: personal safety as an older woman and whether I'll be able to really enjoy the experience--not about logistics, which I'm pretty confident about. Many thanks.

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No reason not to stay on . There is a vast amount to see and the public transportation ( metro , buses and trolley buses ) is excellent . I found St Petersburg quite similar to other European capitals - use good judgement , an underclothes moneybelt , and the other safety precautions you would use in Paris or Barcelona . We spent three weeks there in September 2015 , and are returning for several more weeks this coming Autumn ( we have three year visas ) . If you have specific questions about sights , please ask .

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While I traveled with a friend when visiting St Petersburg, I would not hesitate to be there on my own. After a few days on the tour, I am sure you will feel quite comfortable.

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I was there briefly a few years ago, with a couple other women. Only two tips, first have your hotel write your daily destinations on a piece of paper you can point to and always carry a card from the hotel with the address on it; second, know the price of a taxi trip in advance and always negotiate before you commit.

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I have been there twice with my husband, but spent a fair amount of time walking around on my own. I would not be at all worried in central Petersburg and most everything including the Hermitage is walkable on well touristed streets. Beautiful city; very busy; make sure you are pickpocket proof.