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Visiting russia late november from the UK

Hi there guys am visiting my russian girlfriend from late november will be staying first night in st petersburg in a hostel then travelling the next day to vologda where she lives for the following 12 days will regestering my visa in st petersburg be sufficient or must a register also in vologda, and can anyone give any advice on the cheapest place to do covid19 test near london which is valid for my trip...???

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On the visa, call the Russian embassy. I doubt there is anyone on this forum that is an expert on Russian visas.

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I think the question is about resistration, rather than about the visa proper.

12 days in Vologda means you'd also have to register in Vologda (technically, you need to register at any given location within 7 days upon arrival).

The hostel will only register you for the night that you're going to spend with them.

In Vologda, if you're staying at your gf's place, she should be able to register you (it's a pretty straightforward procedure, provided, however, that she has the title to the apartment).

I take it you already have a visa?

As to the test - under Russian rules (more or less current, last time I checked in August), you must either have the test ready, or take it within 3 days upon arrival (all RU airports do express tests, under 75 minutes and at about $30). The snag is that your carrier may also require a valid test for boarding. You'd need to check with your carrier.

All things considered, I wouldn't bet on being able to make the trip in November. I know Russia had lifted restrictions for UK visitors back in July, but things don't seem to look very rosey at the time and the situation may change with little to no warning.