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Visiting Ekaternsburg

Anyone have personal experience visiting Ekaternsburg? I know it's a long journey from Moscow/St. Petersburg but I would love to hear how people got there and what you experienced. I'm interested in seeing the few sites related to the Romanovs. Were you able to fly out somewhere around there as well? Thank you!

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I've been there, but quite a long time ago (2007, I think - the TV tower was still there, while Yeltsin Center was not). I'd typically stay for a couple of pretty busy days, so I didn't do much sightseeing other than walking (a lot) in the town center and visiting the Cathedral on Spilled blood (that didn't leave a lasting impression). Nightlife was very, very vibrant, though.

The flight should set you back about $150 (probably about half that if you stick to a low-coster) and take about 2.5 hours.

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Ekaterinburg is quite easy to reach from Moscow or Saint Petersburg. My mom lived there for almost 10 years and I visited her a few times, however to my opinion Ekaterinburg is not worth visit for more than 2-3 days. Ekaterinburg is famous for its relation with the last Russian Emperor live and death. Maybe try visit Kungur Ice caves on the road between Perm and Ekaterinburg.