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Two Nights in St Petersburg?

We will be in Riga, Tallinn and Helsinki in May. Is it possible/practical to make a side trip into St Petersburg (probably arriving from Tallinn but returning to either Tallinn or Helsinki) for only two nights? How difficult/expensive is it to get visas?

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If you only want to stay 2 days, there is a way to avoid the hassle of the visa.
You can take the overnight ferry from Helsinki to St-Peterburgh and if you come back to Helsinki, you do not need a visa.
You can stay in the city 72 hours (or less). You must book you ferry/hotel in advance.
*Double-check with ferry company since I did this in 2013 (just in case something changed.)

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Possible? Yes. Take the overnight (you have to sleep somewhere) ferry from Helsinki, see the sights during the day, and take the return ferry to Helsinki the next night.

Practical? Sure. You'd spend two nights on the ferry instead of in a hotel room and have a full day to see St. Petersburg that you wouldn't have had otherwise.

Visa? As stated previously, you don't need visas for stays of less than 72 hours. Visit for all the information.

We visited St. Petersburg from Helsinki this way in 2012. Check with St. Peter Line ferry to see what may have changed, if anything.

Have a great trip.